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Save the Earth!

Food, water, air and energy are our most basic needs provided by the environment.

If we don’t have energy sources we won’t have heating, cooling or lighting. We won’t be able to run any of our appliances. As we are using more and more resources that the environment has provided to us we have forgotten to take care of the environment.

If we don’t take care of our plants they die. Similarly if we don’t take care of the environment, it will change and become unfit for our living. If that happens we really have no other place to go. We can’t live in space yet!! As responsible humans we must take care of the environment and encourage others to do so as well.

Let’s start with some basic tips on saving water and energy. Do write to us at if you tried these tips and encouraged others to do so as well. We will post your email for others to read. You can make a difference!!

Follow the Mantra: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Reduce:   This means you reduce the amount of materials you use. For example, if you use both sides of a paper, you are reducing the number of pages you need.

Reuse:   This means you use the material over again, either for the same purpose, or for something else. For example, a coffee can might be reused as a
container for crayons or pencils.

Recycle:   This means to use the materials over again to make a new product. For example, old newspapers are recycled when they are made into new paper products.

Saving Energy

The earth provides us with energy rich fuels like gasoline, coal and other chemical products. The scientists see us falling short of energy in the near future. They are actively researching the alternate option of nuclear energy which can also be very destructive if not handled carefully.

A tiny bit of effort can save a lot of energy. And if we all save tiny bits, we will save a lot of energy for the future. This will reduce the strain on the earth to provide us with energy rich fuels. It will also reduce the need to explore the use of nuclear energy making the earth a much safer place to live in.

Using less energy reduces the amount of greenhouse gases in the environment which are not good for the ozone layer. The air will be much cleaner. There are many ways to save energy and it’s really easy:

  • Turn of the lights when not in use
  • Use natural daylight as much as possible
  • Make sure all doors are closed tightly
  • Don't leave doors open longer than it takes to get in or out.
  • Wear warm clothes at home during winters and you need reduced heating at home.
  • Turn off your computer or put it in hibernate/standby mode when not in use.
  • Turn off the computer monitor when you are away for a while .The screen saver doesn't save as much energy.
  • Turn off the television and other appliances when not in use.

Water Conservation

Water is very essential for our existence. It is one of our most precious resources, yet it is easy to waste.

Dehydration (lack of water) will kill us faster than starvation (lack of food).By conserving water we can keep plenty of clean water on the tap for our health and well being. Conservation can also reduce the amount of water that needs to be processed by wastewater treatment plants, again preserving infrastructure and also reducing the amount of waste discharged to streams and rivers. Finally, sound water use practices can make us more resilient during times of drought, negating the need for mandatory interventions. We can take care of water:

By not wasting water:

  • Do not use the toilet as a wastebasket. Flushing uses a many gallons of water. Why flush non-bodily waste when there is a wastebasket?
  • Take shorter showers and get a special shower head that uses less water.
  • Turn of water when brushing teeth
  • When your family washes clothes, make sure that the washer has a full load
  • When your family washes dishes, be sure that there is a full load in the dishwasher.
  • Tell your parent or teacher is some faucet is leaking at home or school.
  • If you run water waiting for it to get hotter or colder, don't let it go down the drain. Save it in a bucket for later use.

By keeping water as clean as possible:

  • Don't put anything in streams, lakes, and rivers that should not be there.
  • Don't pour chemicals down the drain or in the soil.
  • Don't pour chemicals down the storm sewer.
  • Use soaps and detergents carefully.


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