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Proverbs and Fables

The Bundle of Sticks

A father had a family of sons who were always quarreling amongst themselves. Even after trying many times, the father could not prevent his sons from fighting.

One day he told his sons to bring him a bundle of sticks. When they did so, he placed the bundle into the hands of each of them and ordered them to break it in to pieces. They tried with all their strength, and were not able to do it.

He next opened the bundle, took the sticks separately, one by one, and again put them into his sons' hands, upon which they broke them easily. He then told his sons "Unity is strength". If you remain united like the bundle of sticks, then you will never be defeated.

-- Unity is Strength.

The Lazy Grasshopper

A Grasshopper was enjoying a fine summer's day singing and enjoying to his heart's content.  He saw his friends, the Ants working hard to store some extra food for the harsh winter. Seeing this The Grasshopper laughed aloud and said "Why are you Ants working so hard now, there is plenty of food available". The Ants replied "We are working to store extra food for the winter.   You should also save some food for the winter." But the Grasshopper didn't care, he replied "I will think about it later. I just want to enjoy now".

Soon the winter came and the Grasshopper was left without any food. The Ants helped the Grasshopper by sharing some of their food, and the Grasshopper learnt his lesson how one should be prepared for the future.

-- It is best to look ahead and be prepared for the future instead of just being in the present moment.


The Dreaming Milkman

Once upon a time there lived a milkman who dreamed a lot. He was lazy and did not want to work.  One morning he got a free pot of milk and was very happy. The milkman boiled the milk and drank some of it and kept the rest for making curd. As he lay to rest the milkman dreamt as follows. "Tomorrow morning I would churn the curd, make butter from it, heat the butter to get ghee and then sell the ghee in the market. Slowly I will start my own farm with cows and other poultry animals. Then I will search for a beautiful bride and marry her and we will have kids. But my son will be very naughty and to teach him a lesson, I will wave at  him with a big stick". Dreaming like this, he took a stick nearby and struck the milk pot and broke it. Alas he cried "I was day dreaming and wasted the milk".

--There is no substitute to hard work. Dreams cannot be fulfilled without hard work


A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed

Once upon a time there lived four friends in a forest. The friends were: a mouse, a crow, a deer, and a tortoise and they were very best friends.

One-day, the mouse, crow, and deer suddenly heard a scream. It was their friend, the tortoise! He was trapped in a hunter's net. So the Mouse, Crow and the deer came up with a plan to save the Tortoise.

The deer and the crow diverted the hunter's attention and the mouse chewed the net and freed the tortoise. The hunter stood stunned as he saw all four of them escape. The four friends met again under the tree, and were happy to be in each other's company. Oh! What good friends they were, always there for each other! They didn't let each other down, in time of their need.

--A Friend in need is a friend indeed

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