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Kids to Kids

Important Purports of Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita  reveals Krishna as the cause of all causes. Arjuna is not thinking that Krishna is a mere human being he thinks he is the source of everything. He may accept that Krishna is the source of everything but others may not. Then Arjuna is asking if Krishna could show his universal form so that others can see His greatness. When one sees the universal form of Krishna one becomes frightened, just like Arjuna. Since Arjuna was scared, Krishna being kind revealed his two handed human form again. Krishna is speaking to Arjuna just for his benefit. Arjuna is now convinced that Krishna is the cause of all causes and he is present in everybody’s heart as the Paramatma.

 Arjuna addresses Krishna as the lotus eyed one. Krishna assures Arjuna that he is the creator of the cosmic manifestation. Then Arjuna asks Lord Krishna about His opulence. Krishna says among the stars I am the moon, among the snakes I am Vasuki among the birds I am Garuda among the thinkers I am Vyasa, among the cows I am the Surabhi cow, among the bodies of water I am the Ocean, among the archers I am Arjuna, among the saints and devotees I am Narada, among fire I am Agni, among the wind I am Vayu and among the weapons I am the thunderbolt.

Krishna said,” O Arjuna one who wants to be a devotee of Me he has to be self realized. One who fixes their mind on Me, they are most dearest to Me.”  There are 4 yogas one of them are Bhakti yoga. Krishna speaks to Arjuna, “If you want to serve me then you should always think of Me, if you can’t do that, then follow the regulated principles, if you can’t do that then work for me my dear Arjuna. There are two ways of progress one is material progress and the other is spiritual progress When we only think about money, our home, sports, toys, etc and don’t follow what our Guru tells us then we go to the lower planets.If we want to do spiritual progress we should follow what our Guru tells us.  That is when we go back to Vaikuntha.

- Abhishek Vupalanchi

This is what Abhishek has to say about himself:  I am Abhishek Vupulanchi and I am 9 yrs old. I study at Challenger Elementary in the 4th grade.I live in Seattle, Washington. I like to play mridanga and read lots of books. I like playing soccer and basketball. My Mom and Dad encourage me in all my activities.

The Duck at the Park

I saw something very touching during my summer holidays. A white necked duck laid eggs one day and then after a few days they hatched and there were six little ducks. She was always taking care of them. Feeding them, making them feel warm by taking them under her, protecting them from cats and dogs, cleaning the place for them to sleep and teaching them how to swim. Every day at the park I would see the little ducks growing. I would also try to play with them sometimes but the mother duck would get angry with me. So I always watched them from afar. Then after a few days the ducks became bigger than before and they were more and more independent because their mother had taught them many things. They were all a very nice happy family and the little ducks kept growing big every day. One day I went to the park and saw only 4 of the little ducks with their mother. The next day I saw two and then one fine day I saw the mother duck all by herself. I asked my mother what happened. She said the ducks had become big and they were able to live alone now, so they left their mother. I felt very sad for the mother duck. She took so much care of her little ones and then they left her. I then thought that I will always be with my mother and father even when I become big. I will never leave them.

- Ritika

This is what Ritika has to say about herself: I am Ritika from Nashville,Tennessee. I am 11 years old. I like going to the park every day but cannot go during the winter. I love my parents and my younger brother a lot. I like to write small stories.

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I am Vaibhav Ram and I am 6 yrs old. I study at Grand Ridge Elementary in the 1st grade.I live in Issaquah Highlands, Washington. I like to play kartals & read books. I like playing soccer very much. Krishna is my best friend. I have a Jagannath Doll in my Altar. Everyday I offer water to Jagannath in the morning. I try to chant one round of Hare Krsna Maha Manthra everyday. My Mom and Dad encourage me in all my activities.

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