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Parent's Page

The experiences and impressions gathered during childhood determine one's character and integrity. A great foundation makes a strong building. It is important as parents that we bring about the right experiences for our children so that they are eventually atttracted to acting as righteous, compassionate and dutiful individuals.

Children need role models from traditional literature as well as their parents and mentors in order to develop their value system.The intent of this website is to be a fun instrument of support to help parents orient their children sufficiently in good moral and ethical values.The content on this website is currently for children belonging to the age group 7-12. Email us at if you would like to see additional content aiding you in raising your child.

Just like we offer the freshest and the most beautiful flowers and fruits to the Lord, in the same way one should offer their youth in learning about the glories of the Lord and developing a sound value system. Childhood is the freshest aspect of one's life and what better than engaging it in understanding important ethical and moral principles in a fun filled way.



“One who is sufficiently intelligent should use the human form to practice the activities of devotional service, from the tender age of childhood. The human form is most rarely achieved, and although temporary , it is meaningful because in human life one can perform acts of devotion. Even a slight step in this direction can give one complete perfection.”  - Prahlad Maharaj

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