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The Glories of Hanuman

HanumanOrigin of Hanuman
Hanuman was born as the son of Kesari (father) and Anjani (mother). He belonged to the monkey race and was very powerful. He is also called Bajrang Bali, Kesari-nandana (son of Kesari), Anjani-putra and Anjaneya (son of Anjani). He was very strong, intelligent and kind to all the living beings.

Hanuman tries to swallow the Sun
As a child, once Hanuman thought the rising sun in the sky to be an apple and quickly flew up in the sky desiring to eat it. Indra, the king of the demigods, alarmed at the sight of some one approaching to swallow the Sun, quickly deployed his weapon. Struck by this powerful weapon, the child Hanuman fell down unconscious. When Vayu-deva (the wind God) saw this, he became extremely angry and withdrew himself from the universe. When the winds in the sky and the very life-airs stopped, there was great pain. All the demigods, headed by Lord Brahma begged Vayu-deva to give up his anger.

Vayu-deva finally gave up his anger and resumed his function in the universe and the grateful demigods showered many boons on Hanuman. Indra gave him the boon of being able to die only when he desired, Brahma gave his protection from his powerful weapon the brahma-astra and the other demigods showered him with many mystic powers and weapons. Since the weapon of Indra had struck and broken the jaw of Hanuman, he got the name by which he would be most famous Hanuman, which means "one with a broken jaw."

Hanuman loses his powers
As a young child Hanuman could not control his great powers and in childish excitement caused much disturbance to the peaceful sages in the forests. Much disturbed by his excessive energy and powers, the sages finally cursed him to lose all his powers. However by their mystic vision they realized that Hanuman would play an important role in later assisting Lord Rama in His war against the demon king Ravana. They therefore said that when some one would remind Hanuman of his powers the effect of the curse would be lifted and Hanuman would get complete recollection of his great powers.

HanumanMeeting with Lord Rama
While living in forest with Sugriva, Hanuman first met Rama and Lakshmana as they searched for Sita. Hanuman on the orders of Sugriva had masked himself as a Brahman to try and find out if the two mighty bowmen were sent by Vali, the vengeful brother of Sugriva. However on seeing Them, all doubts were immediately wiped from the mind of Hanuman who immediately revealed his true form.

From this time, Hanuman became completely absorbed in one and only one thing, the service of Lord Rama. Later when Hanuman and his troop of monkeys were stuck on the southern shore of the country, separated from Lanka by the ocean, Jambavana reminded Hanuman of his great powers. The duration of the curse thus ended and a greatly powerful Hanuman jumped across the ocean to and went to the golden city of Ravana.

Hanuman the perfect devotee

Hanuman is a pure devotee and a prefect servant of Lord Rama. Everything that he did was only to please Lord Rama, whether it was building bridges, fighting demons or flying across the country to fetch life saving herbs. When he saw Sita in Ravana's Lanka, he not only delivered the message of Lord Rama to her but also destroyed the forest, killed many demons and burnt down half of Lanka. Hanuman never expected anything in return from Lord Rama. He often presented himself as a simple foolish monkey in front of Rama. After ruling for eleven thousand years when the time came for Lord Rama to leave this world, He ordered Hanuman to stay back, to protect and inspire His future devotees.


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