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The Story of Jesus Christ

The Story of Jesus Christ

Jesus was born in Bethlehem to virgin woman named Mary. His father was Joseph. As a child, Jesus performed many miracles like turning the water into wine, calming the storms, healing a paralyzed boy etc. His mind was bright and active and always willing to serve others. He was patient and truthful. He always heard and thought about God.

When Jesus was twelve years old, his parents took him to Jerusalem, to the feast of Passover. As they came to the temple, Jesus watched that a lamb was offered every morning and evening upon the altar. As the child Jesus looked upon the innocent animal, He though that He Himself, as the Lamb of God, must die for the sins of other men.

With this thought in mind, Jesus wanted to be alone and thus joined a school nearby to the temple. The teachers were astonished by the knowledge of Jesus as He was asking so many questions. Joseph and Mary did not notice that Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem and when they realized this, they immediately went there and found Jesus.

Jesus then lived in home of a peasant, a poor man. When was he was old enough, he learnt a trade and worked in a carpenter’s shop with father. Jesus wanted to be perfect in everything, even in the handling of tools. All of us should do something that will help ourselves and others.

The teachers in the school taught many things that God has not commended. But Jesus did not listen to them but rather studied the scriptures and obeyed to the laws of God. When Jesus was 30 years, he went to John to get baptized. When Jesus came, John saw in His face such divine signs that he stated he needs to be rather baptized by Jesus. Jesus was not baptized to show repentance for His own sins as He had never committed any sins. He did it just to set an example to us.

Jesus now went on His mission of taking the sins of world upon Him. His face showed such sorrow and anguish and was suffering for sinners. Satan tried all means to overcome Jesus with temptations but kept failing. People started listening to Jesus, and became His disciples. Seeing this, the religious rulers were furious. From that every moment, they looked for an opportunity to accuse and trap Him. When they thought that Jesus was comparing Himself to the “Son of God”, they plotted to kill Him.

Meanwhile the crowds of Jerusalem were planning to make Jesus as the King of Jews. Jesus knew that he was going to be betrayed. One night, while He was praying in the garden with three of His disciples, an army of soldiers arrested Him. But the Pilate, the Roman Governor released Him as he could not find any guilt in Him. However, the leaders of the Jews asked to crucify Jesus.

Thus Jesus was crucified in a cross. When Jesus died, the sky was turned as black as night, though it was mid-day and a huge earthquake tore the curtain in the temple. Jesus appeared many times to His disciples before he went back to the Heaven. Before parting with His disciples on the earth, He Himself gave them the promise of His return. When Jesus passed from the sight of His disciples on the Mount of Olives, He was met by a heavenly host who escorted him upward.


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