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Srimati Sita devi

The saintly king

King Janaka , the ruler of Mithila, was a brave and courageous man. Distressed by the fact that he does not have any children, Janaka performed a sacrifice (yajna). In order to prepare the ground for the sacrifice, King Janaka personally ploughed it with a golden yoke. At this time, from the ground appeared a most beautiful baby girl. Since she came from the plough, she was named Sita and since she appeared from the ground, she was considered to be the daughter of Mother Earth (Bhumi devi).

The enchanting princess

As Sita grew the fame of her beauty spread all over the world. Many powerful princes expressed their desire to marry her. On the advise of the sages, King Janaka arranged a test to ensure that only one who is worthy of Sita will marry her. In his family was a heavy bow of Lord Shiva which could not lifted by even three hundred men together. King Janaka announced that any one who could lift the bow and string it would be eligible to receive Sita as his wife. Drawn by the beauty and good qualities of Sita, many kings and princes tried their luck, but they were unable to even move the bow, let alone lift it. Then on the instructions of Sage Vishwamitra, Lord Rama, the prince of Ayodhaya, came to Mithila. He easily picked up the mighty bow and broke it into two pieces. Janaka was overjoyed and married Sita to Lord Rama.

The perfect wife

Sita was an ideal wife always serving her husband lovingly and faithfully. She is completely dedicated to the service of her husband, so much so that when Lord Rama was asked by Mother Kaikeyi to leave the comforts of the palace to spend fourteen years in the wild forests, Sita devi insisted on accompanying Him into the forests. Even though Sita was instructed by her husband to remain in Ayodhaya and serve the elders, she stated from the scriptures that the highest duty of a wife is to be with her husband. Thus leaving the comforts of the royal palace, Sita entered into the dense forests with Lord Rama and Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama.

The destruction of Ravana

Sita Devi plays an important role in the demise of the demon king, Ravana. Drawn by the beauty of Sita, Ravana under the disguise of a sage kidnapped Sita and took her back to his palace in Lanka. Lord Rama with the help of a powerful tribe of monkeys and bears attacked Lanka and relieved Sita devi after killing Ravana.

Instructions by Sita devi

The life of Sita devi are filled with instructions for everyone to understand and follow. When Lord Rama finally relieved Sita from Ravana, she willingly took the fire-test (agni pariksha) to demonstrate to the world her purity and chastity. Just as Lord Rama remained firm in His duties as a king, Sita devi remained fixed in her duties as a wife, even when she was banished by Lord Rama Himself to the forest.


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