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Lord Varaha

Lord VarahaBirth of Hiranyaksya
Hiranyaksha was born of the great sage Kasyapa Muni and Diti. He was the younger brother of the powerful demon Hiranyakasyapu. Both the demons were physically very strong and very intelligent. By performing severe austerities they were able to get many boons from Lord Brahma and roamed the universe fearlessly, subduing all kinds of demigods and demons.

Mother Earth submerged
The material universe is shaped like a hollow sphere, surrounded by several layers of covering. The lower half of the universe is filled with the Garbodhaya Ocean. The Earth planet was once submerged into the waters of this ocean and was thus not fit to live in.

Appearance of Lord Varaha – Boar incarnation
While Lord Brahma was meditating on how to rescue Earth from this situation, there appeared from his nostril a wondrous creature no larger than the tip of the thumb. As Lord Brahma and the inhabitants of the upper planetary systems looked on with amazement, the creature with the form of a boar soon grew into tremendous size reaching the sky. Seeing this amazing transformation, Lord Brahma concluded that He could be none other than Lord Vishnu Himself come to their help.

Even though Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a boar for a specific purpose, that is dredging Mother Earth from the mud in the ocean bed, His body is as always pure.

Hiranyaksa arrives
At this time the demon Hiranyaksa arrived looking for a fight. He had become so strong that no one, not even the powerful demigod, Indra, could withstand his fury. Once he entered into the waters of the Garbodha Ocean and traveled all the way to Vibhavari, the capital of Varuna, the demigod who controls the oceans and the netherworlds. Knowing that Varuna was no match for him, Hiranyaksa mocked him with challenging words and begged for battle. Varuna however declined and instead directed him to fight with Lord Vishnu. Varuna assured Hiranyaksa that Lord Vishnu would certainly give him a great fight. The greatly proud Hiranyaksa started looking for Lord Vishnu and was directed by Narada muni to the place where Lord Varaha was engaged in rescuing Mother Earth.

Lord Varaha fights Hiranyaksa
The demon, quite surprised to see the unusual form of the Lord, began to provoke Him with insults, hoping for a fight. All the demigods headed by Lord Brahma prayed to Lord Varaha to bring an end to the demon. So the Lord, in order to protect His devotees and bring an end to injustice accepted the challenge of Hiranyaksa. The Lord fought a long and hard battle with the demon.

Lord Varaha kills Hiranyaksa
The battle between Lord Varaha and the demon continued till the time that the Sun was about to set. Lord Brahma cautioned Lord Varaha not to toy with the demon any more but kill him promptly since the demoniac powers increase many fold at this inauspicious moment of time. At this time Lord Varaha cast a loving glance at His devotees and very casually slapped the demon under his ear causing him to die. Everyone was happy at the death of Hiranyaksha and glorified Lord Varaha with prayers. The Vedic principles states that whenever there is decline of religion, the Lord personally comes to protect His devotees and destroy the demons.
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